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French & English Cider & Perry Cultivars

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After eight years of drilling deep into French, English, and American cider references going back to the 1600s, we found a fortune of cider apple information on cultivars and flavor profiles. See Cultivar Evaluations: (WSU 2011 Final Cider Apple Report)

  • We collected and propagated as many of the verified cider cultivars as we could. During our years of searching, we sadly found that the famous Nick Botner Orchard was to be closed because retirement had come. However, luck ran our way and we were able to save all of his French, English, and American Cider cultivars not available through the USDA. For the sake of perpetuating long-lost Premium Cider cultivars, we consulted Mr. Botner on our goals, and he also gave us some additional unlisted and largely unknown cultivars. Because of this intensive research, the cultivars we offer vary greatly between the common and the extremely rare cider apples.
  • Typically Premium Cider is a blend of sweet, acidic, and aromatic apples that are balanced with bittersweet or bittersharp French and English cultivars. So if your goal is to make 'Premium Cider' the list below offers all the assorted cultivars that you would ever really need. Included are some additional cultivars that have extra-ordinary traits making them highly desirable for special purposes.
  • Since key cider making compounds in apples vary considerably from year-to-year; to maintain the flavor profiles of premium cider for the long-term, it is very important to have enough 'blending-cultivars' on hand to give you freedom to adjust single compounds in a problematic cider. Vintage cultivars can be a poor choice for specific adjustments.
  • When selecting cultivars, keep in mind of a common misconception that just one 'Vintage' cider apple cultivar can be relied on to make good cider without blending. This is assumption is largely untrue. The term 'Vintage' indicates that the apple is considered to be 'Complete' where all key cider making compounds are present. Vintage does not mean that the compounds are of the correct concentrations and ratio. Blending is still a requirement to get a cider up and over the top of average ciders and into the Premium Grade world. However, the true value of the vintage cider apple is in the fact that by it having all of the required compounds present, the resulting juice can serve as an excellent base juice or cider to build on with only minor blending.
  • Not all cultivars perform the same in every growing region. In the grand scheme of things, the main controlling factor in cider apple quality can be summarized by the French term 'Terroir' used for growing wine grapes. Terroir is a term that encompasses the climate, terrain, soil and tradition that goes into growing for quality and targeted flavor profiles. The concentration and ratios of the cidermaking compounds in the same apples grown in an arid region with irrigation will differ from the levels found in apples grown in alpine or coastal areas. So when doing your own research, know that the opinion of orchardists on certain cultivars in their region may not apply to your region because the terroirs are different.

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  • If we cannot fill your order completely; please list your alternate scionwood choices; otherwise we will refund you for any scion shortage when your order ships. 
  • If you want us to choose close alternates for you, please let us know in the email.
  • Scion are generally 12" long by 1/4" thick +/-  (1/8"); however, depending on some varieties and their genetic behavior; you may receive a bundle of several short scions that are approximately 1/8" in diameter. Generally the average bud count is approximately 9 buds per 12" stick.
  • Reserve Orders** (Before October 1): Your Reserve Order will be placed in a status of first-to-be-filled and billed. After October 1st you will receive a PayPal invoice so you can purchase and reserve your scions. Between now and October 1, feel free to modify your order as you like. Doing so will not change your place in line. 
  • Paid Orders (After October 1): After pre orders are filled: within 24 hours after placing your order, we verify availability your scionwood selections; and send you a PayPal invoice so you can purchase and reserve your scions. To safely reserve your scions for Spring shipment, please pay for your scions when you receive your invoice. Many scionwood cultivars are in high demand and inventory can change daily.
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 BitterSweet: (Significant Tannins)  (Low to Insignificant Acids) (Some are Aromatic) (Variable Sugar) 
  Amere de Berthecourt  Bittersweet (Med-Full), Can be Aromatic France, Parisis-Fontaines Berthecourt (Oise), 1848
  Amzr Gauthier    Bittersweet (Full), & Hi Astringentcy France, at Least 1940s
  Bedan (Bedon, Ameret, Bee d'Ane, Bee d Angle, Bedane, Bedange, Bedangue, Berdan, Beurdan, Calotte, de Saint Hilaire, de Saint-Martin, Petit doux de Bretagne) Bittersweet (Med) France, Normandy, 1363
  Bedan des Partes  Bittersweet (Full) France, Normandy
  Binet Blanc (Binet, Binet Blanc, Binet Blanche, Binet-Blanc ou Dore, Binet Dore) Bittersweet (Mild-Med), No Astringency France, Normandy, 1800s
  Binet Rouge Bittersweet (Mild), Calvados France, Normandy, Maine-et-Loire
  Binet Violet (Binet-gris)  Bittersweet (Mild), No Astringency France, Seine Inferieur, Late 1900s
  Bouttville Bittersweet (Full), Calvados Brandy France, 1800s
  Bramtot Bittersweet (Full) *Vintage* Astringency (High) France, 1870s
  Brown Snout  Bittersweet (Mild-Med) England, Yarkhill, Hereford, 1850s
  Brown Thorn (Argile Grise') Bittersweet (Mild), Astringency (Mild) France, Normandy, 1800s
  Calvile Rouge (Red Autumn Calville, Calville Rouge d'Automne, Calville Rouge, Calville d'Automne, Pomme Violette, Erd Beere, or Strawberry of Switzerland, Rosseau)   Bittersweet (Med), Sweet, Eating, Cullinary, Sometimes Vinous Woody-Strawberry Flavor France, Brittany, Early 1600s
  Chisel Jersey Bittersweet (Full), Astringency (High) England, Somerset, 1800s
  Cimitiere (Cimitiere De Blangy, Cimetiere du Pays) Bittersweet (Med), Cider, Calvados France, Blangy le Chateau, Normandy
  Coat Jersey Bittersweet (Med) England, Somerset, Coat village, Martock, 1950s
  Dabinett Bittersweet (Med) *Vintage* Astringency (Med) England, Middle Lambrook, 1800s
  Domaine - Not Domine (Domaines) Bittersweet (Full) France, Normandy
  Doux Normandie (Sweet Normandie) Bittersweet (Mild) France, Normandy, 1800s
  Ellis Bitter   Bittersweet (Full), Astringency (High) England, Somerset, 1800s
  Fillbarrell (Fill Barrell) Bittersweet (Mild) England, Woolston / Sutton Montis, 1800s
  Frequin (Not Gros-Frequin)  Bittersweet, (Full) Calvados France, Normandy
  Frequin Audievre Bittersweet (Med) France, 1800s
  Frequin Lacaille Bittersweet (Med-Full) Calvados Brandy France, Normandy, 1900s
  Frequin Tardive de la Sarth Bittersweet France, 1800s
  Fuero Rous  Bittersweet (Full), Astringent France, Brittany, 1800s
  Grise Dieppois Bittersweet France, 1800s
  Gros Bios Bittersweet (Mild) France, 1800s
  Gros Launet Bittersweet (Med), Aromatic, Can Develop Perfumed Flavor France, 1800s
  Gros-Frequin (Not Frequin)  Bittersweet (Full), Very Astringent Also France, Avranches / Sarthe, 1857s
  Harry Masters Jersey (Port Wine)  Bittersweet (Med-Full) *Vintage* Astringency (Soft) England, Sommerset, 1800s
  Improved Dove Bittersweet (Mild) England, Somerset, 1800s
  Jouveaux Bittersweet (Very-Mild) France
  Launette Bittersweet (Full) France, 1800s
  Lindel Bittersweet (Mild) Canada, Smithfield, 1971
  Major  Bittersweet (Med) *Vintage* Astringency (Soft) England, Devon,1880s
  Marechal Bittersweet, Aromatic France
  Marin Onfroy Bittersweet (Med), Astringent France, Pont-de-la-Maye, 1949
  Medaille d’Or Bittersweet (Full), Tannins (Soft), Astringency (High) France, Boisguillaume, 1800's
  Metais (USDA same as Mettais) Bittersweet (Med-Full) *Vintage* France, 1800s
  Mettais (USDA same as Metais) Bittersweet (Med-Full) *Vintage* France, 1800s
  Mishelin Bittersweet (Med), Tannin (Soft), Astringency (Mild) France, Normandy, 1872
  Muscadet de Bernay  Bittersweet (Med) France, Normandy, Bernay, 1700s
  Muscadet de Dieppe Bittersweet (Mild) France, Dieppe, 1760s
  Muscadet de Lense Bittersweet, Astringent France, Normandy
  Muscadet de Levee Bittersweet France, Normandy
  Nantot Bittersweet France, 1800s
  Nehou  Bittersweet (Full), Astringency (Med) France, 1920's  
  Noël des Champs Bittersweet (Mild) France, Pays d'Auge, 1800s
  Peau-de-Vache (Peau de Vache, Douce Morelle) Bittersweet (Mild) France, Normandy, 1800s
  Peau d’Ane Bittersweet (Mild) FranceNormandy, 1800s
  Reine des Hâtives Bittersweet (Mild), Tannins (Soft), Astringency (Mild) France, 1800s
  Reine des Pommes Bittersweet (Full), Astringent, Can be Aromatic, Unique Flavor France, La Guerche-de-Bretagne, 1889
  Rousse Latour (Rous Latour)   Bittersweet (Very-Low Tannins) France, Normandy, 1800s
  Royal Wilding (Cadbury, Pounsett) Bittersweet England, Devon, Exeter, Late 1800s
  Saint Martin Bittersweet (Mild), Calvados France, Normandy
  Tardive Forestiere  Bittersweet (Full) France, 1930s
  Tayeshne Bittersweet (Mild-Med) Fibirous Late Season Pending
  Vilbere (Ville-bery, Vilbery) Bittersweet (Full) France, Brittany, 1800s
  White Jersey Bittersweet (Mild-Med) *Vintage* Astringency (Mild) England, Cadbury Castle, 1800s
  Whitney Crab  Bittersweet (Mild), Sub-Acid, Dessert, Culinary, Canning, Pickling, Astringency (Slight) USA, Franklyn Grove, Illinois, 1860s
  Yarlington Mill (Geneva)  Bittersweet (Med) *Vintage* Astringency (Mild) England, Yarlington, West Cadbury, 1800s
 BitterSharp: (Significant Tannins) – (High Acids) – (Variable Sugar)
  Belle Fille (Bellfille, Reinette Grise, Grey Reinette, Reinette Grise Extra, Reinette Grise, Reinette Grise d'Hiver, Prager, Dobbel Bellefleur, Double Bonne Ente, Franc Bon Pommier, Franc-Bon-Pommier, Franse Belle Fleur, Franse Bellefleur, French Bellefleur, French Bellflower, Grosse Bonne Ente) Bittersharp (Mild), Dessert, Rich Flavor France, at Least 1950s
  Breakwell's Seedling  Bittersharp (Med), Astringency (Mild-Variable) Wales, Monmouth, 1880s
   Blanc d'Orn (Blanc Sur (Orne)) Bittersharp (Mild), Mild Flavor, Culinary France, Normandy 1948
  Cap of Liberty (Red Soldier,Carrion Apple, Cherry Norman, Hitterley) Bittersharp (Mild) *Vintage* Astringent England - France 1200s
   Dolgo Crab (Malus Pink Glow, Malus Dolgo)  Bittersharp, Hi Pectin, Culinary Russia, Siberia, at Least 1890s
  Dufflin Bittersharp (Full) England, Cornwall / Devonshire / Taunton
  Dymock Red (Dimock's Red, Dymock' s Red) Bittersharp (Med) *Vintage* England, Gloucestershire, Dymock Village, 1800s
  Foxwhelp (Geneva)  Bittersharp *Vintage* England, Sommerset, 1800s
  Golden Hornet Crab Bittersharp (Med), Very Astringent, High Pectin, Culinary England, Waterer's Nursery, 1949
  Gloriosa (Echtermeyer) Crab Bittersharp, Astringent UK, 1600s
  Hewe's Crab (Virginia Crab, Cider Crab, Hughe’s Virginia Crab)  Bittersharp *Vintage* Astringent USA, Virginia, Late 1700s
  Kingston Black (Black Taunton) Bittersharp (Mild-Med) *Vintage* Astringency (Slight) England, Kingston / Taunton, Late 1800s
  Lambrook Pippin Bittersharp (Full), Astringent, Culinary England, Lambrook, Somerset
  Porter's Perfection Bittersharp (Med), Astringency (Low) England, East-Lambrook, 1800s
  Red Vain Crab Bittersharp, Astringent Pending
  Redfield Bittersharp, Culinary, High Pectin USA, New York, 1938  
  Redstreak - Not Somerset Redstreak (Spelt Redstrake, Red Streak or Red-streak, Herefordshire Redstreak or Old Redstreak, Scudamore Crab )

Mild Bittersharp (Cool Climates),

Mild Bittersweet (Hot Climates).

England, Herefordshire, 1600s
  Stembridge Cluster Bittersharp (Med), Can Be Aromatic England, Stembridge, 1940s
  Stoke Red (Neverblight) Bittersharp (Med) *Vintage* Astringency (Low-Med) England, Wedmore / Devon, 1920s
  Tremlett's Bitter - Geneva (Tremblett's Bitter,  Tremblett's Bitter., Tramletts Bitter) Bittersharp   USA, Geneva New York, 1910
 Pure Sweet: (Low to No Tannins) – (Low to Insignificant Acids) – (Some Aromatic) – (Variable Sugar)
  Court Royal  (Sweet Blenheim, Possum, Pound) Pure-Sweet *Vintage* Low-Acid, High Sugar, Dessert England, Devon, 1800s
  Dunkerton Late Pure-Sweet, Low-Acid, Low Tannin England, Somerset, 1940s
  Fenoulillet Gris (Fenoullet, Anise Fenouillet, Fenellet, Fenouillet d'Or Gros, Gros Fenouillet, Gorge de Pigeon, Petit Fenouillet, Pomme d'Anis, Winter Anis Beinetlc) Pure Sweet, Low-Acid, Aromatic, Can Have Light Aniseed or Musk Perfume Develope in Storage France, 1628
  Le Bret Pure-Sweet, Low-Acid England, Bristol, 1950s   
  Northwood (Woodbine) Pure-Sweet *Vintage* Low-Acid, Astringency (Low), Can Have Honeysuckle Aroma England, Crediton, Devon, 1700s
  Sweet Coppin  Pure-Sweet *Vintage* Low-Acid, Slight Tannin, No Astringency England, Devon, 1700s
  Taylors (Taylors Sweet) Sweet Apple-Juice, Slight Tannin England, Worcester / South Petherton, 1883
  Tolman Sweet (Tolman, Tolmans Sweeting, Brown's Golden Sweet) Pure-Sweet, Low-Acid, Dessert, Culinary  USA, Rhode Island, 1822
  Twistbody Jersey Pure-Sweet, Low-Acid Pending
 Sharp: (Low to No Tannins) – (Very-High Acids) – (Mostly Aromatic) – (Variable Sugar)
  Bramley's Seedling (Bramley)  Sharp (Full), Culinary England, Nottinghamshire, 1809
  Brown's Apple Sharp (Full) *Vintage* Tannin (Mild), Astringency (Mild) England, Devon, 1900s
  Crimson King (John Toucher’s, Bewley Down Pippin) Sharp (Med-Full) *Vintage* No Astringency, Cider, Culinary England, Somerset, 1895
  Grenadier  Sharp (Full), Highest in Acid Culinary, Early Harvest England, Buckinghamshire, 1862
  Tom Putt (Jeffreys Seedling) Sharp (Full), Tannins (Mild), Dessert, Culinary England, Somerset, 1700s

 Dessert & Cullinary: (Low to No Tannins) – (Medium to High Acids) – (Mostly Aromatic) – (Variable Sugar)

  Arkansas Black Sweet, Sub-Acid, Aromatic, Culinary USA, Benton County, Arkansas, 1840s
  Ashmead's Kernel   Sweet, Sharp, Aromatic, Intense Flavor England, Gloucestershire, 1700s
  Baldwin (Woodpecker, Felch? Pecker, Red Baldwin, Steele's Red Winter, Butters, Deacon Samuel Thompson)  Sweet, Sharp, Culinary, Fruity Flavor USA, Massachusetts, 1740s
  Bedford Pippin Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary, Spicy Flavorful England, Bedford, 1913
  Belflower (Yellow Bellflower, Bellefleur Yellow, Bishop's Pippin of Nova Scotia, Reinette Masque, Belle-Fleur, Lady Washington, Warren Pippin, Waskington, Beinette Musque, Warren Pippin)  Sweet, Sub-Acid, Culinary, Aromatic, Rich Sweet Flavor USA, New Jersey, 1742
  Bella de Jardins Sweet, Sub-Acid, Unique Candy Flavor Spain, 1800s
  Belle de Pontoise Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Culinary, Brisk Flavor France, 1879
  Black Oxford - Long Lived Over 117 years - Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Culinary, Mild Flavor USA, Oxford County, Maine, 1790s
  Black Twig (Arkansas Black,Mammoth Blacktwig, Paragon, Arkansas)  Sweet, Sub-Acid, Culinary USA, Arkansas-Tennessee, 1860s
  Blue Pearmain   Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Delicate Aromatic USA, Boston, 1800s
  Bohnapfel      Sweet, Sharp, Culinary Germany, 1700s
  Bouteille (Bouteille de Liseux) Sweet Apple-Juice, Sometimes Lightly Astringent France, Liseux, 1800s
  Bouteille de Liseux (Bouteille) Sweet Apple-Juice, Sub-Acid, Sometimes Lightly Astringent France, Normandy, Liseux
  Brambent Bell (Belfler Brabantskii, Belle de Flandres, Belle Fleur Brabant, Belle Fleur de Brabant, Belle Fleur Kleiner Brabanter, Belle Fleur Simple, Belle-Fleur d'Automne, Belle-Fleur d'Hiver, Belle-Fleur de Brabant, Bellefleur Brabandse Zure, Bellefleur Brabant, Bon Pommier, Bon pommier, Bon-Pommier, Bon-Pommier d'Automne, Brabandsche Belle-Fleur, Brabansche Belle-Fleur, Brabansche Bellefleur, Brabant, Brabant Belle Fleur, Brabant Belle-Fleur, Brabant Belle-Flower, Brabant Bellflower, Brabanter Belle-Fleur, Brabantse Belle-Fleur, Brabantse Bellefleur, de Brabandse Bellefleur Appel, de Brabandse Bellfleur Appel, Enkele Bellefleur, Gloire de Flandes, Gloire de Flandre, Glory of Flanders, Grosser Brabanter Belle Fleur, Iron, Iron Apple, Kenteman's Apfel, Kenteman's Appel, Keulemans, Kleine Belle Fleur, Kleine Bellefleur, Kleine Brabanter Bellefleur, Kleiner Brabanter, Kleiner Brabanter Belle Fleur, Kleiner Brabanter Belle-Fleur, Koolappel, Large Mouche, New Scarlet Pearmain, Petit Bon Pommier, Petite Belle Fleur, Petite Bonne Ente, Rambour Rouge, Strieping, Sweet Laden, Sweet Lading, Sweet Laydon, Sweet Leyden, Westland Bellefleur, Westlandische Belle Fleur, Westlandse Bellefleur, Winter Belle-Fleur, Winter Bellefleur) Sweet, Sub-Acid, Culinary Holland, 1700s
  Calville Blanc (Calville Blanc D'hiver, White Winter Calville, Blanche de Zurich)  - Medium Vigor - Upright Spreading - Spurs - Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary, Rich-Bold Flavor France, 1598
  Calvin Sweet Apple-Juice, Calvados Brandy, Dessert, Culinary USA, Virginia 1800s
  Champagne Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary, Can Develop Spicy Flavor England, Newborough, at Least 1960s
  Champlain (Summer Pippin, Nyack, Champlan, Calkin's Pippin, Geneva Peunnain, Haverstraw Pippin, Large Golden Pippin, Nyack Pippin, Paper Apple, Sour Bough, Tart Bough, Underdunh, Wabrorth) Sweet, Low-Acid, Dessert, Culinary Origin Unknown, APS Catalog 1871
  Cherry Pearmain      Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Cider, Culinary England, Hereford, 1800s
  C'huero Biz Bras Sweet, Low Acid, Can Have Tannins Some Years France, Brittany, 1800s  
  Cinnamon Spice (Laxtons Fortune) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary, Can Have Noticeable Cinnamon Flavor After Storage England, 1931
  Claygate Pearmain (Baptist)   Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic, Rich-Strong Nutty Flavor England, Claygate in Surrey, 1821
  Cole  Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Rich Australia
  Crollon (Belle de Crollon) Sweet Apple-Juice, Calvados Brandy France, Corllon, at Least 1948
   Court Pendu de Franc Sweet, Sharp, Dessert France, at Least 1700s
  Court Pendu Plat (Court Penu Rouge, Court Pendu Rose, Coriander Rose,  Prineesse Noble Zoete, Garrnons, Garnon's Apple, Capendu, Coriandre Rose, Court Pendu, Court Pendu Extra, Court Pendu Gris, Court Pendu Musque, Court Pendu Plat Rougeatre, Court Pendu Rond Gros, Court Pendu Rouge Musque, Pomme de Berlin, Princess Noble Zoete, Reinette de Capenda, Russian, Wollaton Pippin) - Very Very Late Flowering - Medium Vigor - Upright Spreading - Spurs - Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Intense Flavor, Can Have Aromatic Pineapple-Like Flavor France, Mandeure / Montbéliard, 1613
  Courtland (Cortland)  Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Can Develop Vinous Flavor. USA, Geneva, New York, 1898
   Cox Orange Pippin Sweet, Sub-Acid, Aromatic, Rich-Fine Brisk Flavor, Similar to Rubenite England, 1800s
  Crows Egg (Crow Egg) Sweet, Sub-Acid, Tangy USA, Virginia, Europe at Least 1832
  Dayton Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Brisk-Spicy Flavor, Large Tasty Apple. USA, Illinois, Purdue, 1988
  De Flanders  (Flanders Reinette, Reinette de Flandre, De Flandre, De Flandres in French, De Flandre, Pomme Figue)  Sweet Apple-Juice, Sub-Acid, Fruity France, Aube, 1876
   Double Bon Pommier (Belle-Fleur de France, French Bellflower, Bellefleur de France, Double Bellefleur, Dobbel Bellefleur) Sweet, Sub-Acid, Culinary France, Dubois / Landrecies, 1882
   Eargmont Russet  Sweet, Sharp, Aromatic, Distinctive Flavor, Can Have Nutty/Smoky Flavor England, Sussex, 1872
  Espious Spitzinburg (Esopus Spitzenberg, Esopus Spitzenburg, True Spitzenburg) Sweet, Sharp, Rich Fruity Flavor USA, Espious, 1790s
  Florina Sweet, Sharp, Aromatic, Fine Flavor France, Angers, at Least 1960s
  Geeveston Fanny Sweet, Sub-Acid, Aromatic Australia, Tasmania, Geeveston, 1870s
  Gilpin (Carthouse, Small Romanite, Little Red Romanite, Gray Romanite, Roman Knight, Romanite of the West, Dollars and Cents, Red Romanite, Romanite, Small Red Long Keeper) Sweet Apple-Juice, Calvados Brandy, Dessert USA, Virginia, 1700's
  Golden Harvey (Brandy Apple, Round Russet Harvey) Sweet, Sharp, Cider, Intense Flavor, Aromatic England, Hertfordshire, 1600's
  Golden Nobel  Sweet, Sharp, Culinary, High Sugar, Fine Flavor, Suseptable to Irrigation Cracking  England, Norfolk, 1820s
  Golden Russet (Bullet Pippin, Fox Apple, Long Tom, English Golden Russet, English Golden, Russet Golden, Aromatic or Golden Russeting) Sweet Apple-Juice, Sub-Acid, Rich and Mild USA, New York, 1700s
 N/A Granniewinkle  Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Cider, Culinary, Rich and Honeyed Flavor USA, New Jersey, 1800s
  Grimes Golden (Grimes Golden Pippin, Bellflower, Grimes Golden Pippin. Golden, Grime's)  Sweet Apple-Juice, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Culinary, Aromatic, Rich-Spicy Honeyed Flavor USA, West Virginia, 1832
  Grindstone (American Pippen)  Sweet Apple-Juice, Sub-Acid, Culinary, Mild Flavor, Very Hard Dense Apple. Hardy - Vigorous - Productive  USA, 1872
  Haralson Sweet, Sub-Acid, Rich Tangy Flavor USA, Minnesota, Excelsior, 1959
  Harrison  Sweet, Sharp *Vintage* Rich Sprightly, Can Develop Quince-Like Flavor USA, Essex County, New Jersey, 1770s
  Honey Ball Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Culinary, Honeyed Flavor Ireland
  Honey Gold Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Culinary, Intense Flavor USA, Minnesota Hort Research Center 1935
  Honeycrisp Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Aromatic, Fine Mild Flavor USA, University of Minnesota, 1960s
  Hudsons Golden Gem Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Mild Nutty Flavor USA, Oregon, Tangent, 1931
   Improved Lambrook Pippin Sweet, Sharp (Mild), No Astringency, Cider, Culinary England, Lambrook, Somerset, 1960s
  Isle of White Pippin  Sweet-Sharp, and Tangy, High Sugar, Aromatic, Intense Flavor, Very Similar to Ashmeads Kernel.  France, Normandy, Late 1700s
  James Grieve - Red Rosamund Strain  Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Intense Savory-Sharp Flavor Scotland, Edinburgh, 1893
  Karmijn de Sonnaville Sweet, Sharp, Aromatic, Intense Flavor Netherlands / Holland, 1949
  Kerry Pippen (Edmonton's Aromatic Pippin) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic, Spicy-Intense Flavor Ireland, 1802
  King David Sweet, Sharp, Cider, Dessert, Culinary, Sweet-Spicy and Tart USA, Durham, Arkansas, 1893
  Lady - Not Appai (Api, Api Petit, Pomme Rose, Pomme d'Api Rouge, Petit Api Rouge, Gros Api Rouge) - Upright Habit - Vigerious - Clusters of Small Apples - Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Fruity Flavor, French Cider Apple France, 1628
   Langworthy (Sour Natural , Wyatt’s Seedling) Sweet, Sharp (Med) England, Devon, 1932
  Margil (Reinette Musquee, Never Fail, Small Ribston) -Weak Spreading - Spur - Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic, Rich and Intensely Flavored France, 1700s
  Milo Gibson  Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Low-Acid, Can Develop Licorice/Anise Flavor USA, 20th Century
  Norfork Beefing (Read's Baker, Catshead Beaufin, Norfolk Beaufin, Norfolk Beefing) Sweet, Sharp, Rich Taste, Culinary, Can Get Cinnamon/Raisin Flavor When Cooked England, Norfork, 1698
  Norman-Cross Pink Meat Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Fresh and Crisp Flavor with White Flesh Slight Pink Near Skin, Some Years Very Pink-Tinged Flesh USAOregon, Nick Botner
  Orleans Reinette - Not Golden Reinette (Winter Ribston)  Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary, Aromatic, Nutty and Highly Flavored France, 1776
  Paradis De Padre  Sweet, Sharp, Dessert France, 1800s
  Paradis De Vayer Sweet, Sharp, Dessert France, 1800s
  Pendragon  Sweet, Sharp, Aromatic, Medicinal Cider, Deep Red Flesh England, Devon / Cornwall, 1100s
  Pink Delight Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic,Yellow Skin w/Pink-Tinged Flesh Pending
  Pink Pearl Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary, Pink Tinged Flesh USA, California, 1940s
  Pixi Crunch Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Rich-Full Flavored USA, Indiana, 1993
  Priscilla Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic, Can Develop Licorice-Like Aroma USA, Purdue, Illinois, 1972
  Pristine (Previously COOP 32) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary USA, Purdue, Illinois, 1994
  Rambour d'Automne Sweet, Low Acid, Dessert, Can Develop Hint of Strawberry Flavor France, Belgium, 1948
  Red Astrachan Sweet, Astringent, Can Develop Vinous Flavor Russia, 1780
  Red Hook Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic USA, Geneva New York, 1923
  Red Sause Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary USA, Geneva New York, 1910
   Reinette Clochard (Clochard) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic, Rich Intense Flavor France, Normandy, Late 1800s
  Reinette De Jardins Sweet, Sharp, Dessert France, 1800s
  Reinette Tres Tardive (Winter Pearmain) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary France, 1800s
  Ross Nonpariel (French Pippin, Lawson Pearmain, Nonpareil Ross) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic, Culinary, Can Have Pear-Drop Flavor Ireland, Meath, 1802
  Roxbury Russet (Boston Russet, Russet Golden, Leather Coat) -Hardy- Sweet, Sharp, Tannins (Soft), Dessert, Aromatic, Full Flavored USA, Roxbury, 1600s
  Rubenette (Rafzubin) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Superb-Intense Flavor, My All Time Favorite Eater Switzerland, Rafz, 1960s
  Sam Young (Irish Russet) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Excellent Flavor Ireland, 1800s
  Smiths Cider (Cider, Cider Apple, Popular Bluff, Choice Kentucky, Cider, Cider Apple, Fowler, Fuller, Jackson Winesap, Pennsylvania Cider, and Smith's)  Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Culinary USA, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1817
  Smokehouse (Mill Creek, Vandevere, Red Vandevere, English Vandevere, Gibbon's Smokehouse) Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary, Slightly Aromatic, Spicy-Cider Flavor USA, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1830s
  Stayman's Winesap Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Aromatic, Sweet-Tart Vinous Flavor USA, Kansas, 1866
S/O Sweet Alford  Sweet *Vintage* (MildTannin When Grown in Maritime Climate) England, Devon, 1700s
  Teint Fraise (Kerlivio) Sweet, Sharp, Brisk Flavor France, Brittany, 1700's
  Tomkins King (King of Tompkins County, Flat Spitzenburg, King, King Apple, King Apple of America, Toma Red, Tommy Red, Tom's Red and Winter King) Sweet, Sub-Acid, Dessert, Culinary USA, Warren County, New Jersey in 1804
  Trancendent Crab Sweet, Tangy, Sub-Acid, Culinary, Astringentcy is Mild, Orangeish Flesh. Pending
  Wealthy (Seedling of Cherry Crab)    Sweet, Sub-Acid, Aromatic, Can Develop Hint of Strawberry or Vinous Flavor, Winter Hardy, Early Bearing USA, Excelsior, Minnesota,1860s
  Wheelers Golden Russet Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Culinary, Rich and Spicy Flavor USA, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, 1950s
  Whitney Crab  Sweet, Sub-Acid, High Sugar, Dessert, Culinary, Canning, Pickling, Astringency (Slight) USA, Franklyn Grove, Illinois, 1860s
  Wickson Crab Sweet, Sharp, Cider, High in Pectin, Hi Sugar, Dessert, Culinary, Pickling, Aromatic, Spicy Flavor USA, California, 1944
  Wild Horton Sweet, Sub-Acid, Slightly Bitter USA, Bellingham, Washington, 2005
  Winter Majetin (Winter Majestic, Majetin, Winter Majettin) Sweet, Sub-Acid, Culinary, Good Strong Taste England, Norfolk, 1820s
  Worstshire Pearmain Sweet, Sharp, Dessert, Well Ripened Can Develop Heavy Strawberry-Like Flavor England, Worcester, 1870s
- In Evaluation -
  Martha Evaluating Pending




Bittersharp, Sharp, and Sweet



Astringent Perry Pear, Medium to Large. Harvest Late Season.

Central Europe, Mid 1700s.   


Blakeney Red (Painted Lady)

Bittersharp (Mild), (V), Perry Pear, Medium Acids and Tannins. Small-Medium, Pyriform to Turbinate, 49-62 mm. Long, 49-59 mm. Dia. Skin Yellow With Deep Red Blush On Side Exposed to Sun, Some Russet Spreading From Calyx End, Medium Spreading Tree. Popular UK Perry Pear. Harvest Mid Season.

England, Herefordshire, 1884



Bittersharp, Medium Acid, High Tannin, Hard Perry Pear, Often Ferments Slow, Tall-Narrow-Upright Medium Grower. Harvest Late Season.




Bittersharp (Med), Medium Acid, Medium Tannin, Vigorous Grower, Medium Spreading. Heavy Bearing Harvest Late Mid Season.      



Taynton Squash

Bittersharp (Med), (V), Medium Acid, Medium Tannin. Harvest Earlyseason.

England, 1600s


Winnal's Longdon

Bittersharp (Med) Perry Pear, Medium Acid, Medium Tannin, Large Spreading Tree. Harvest Mid Season.



Yellow Huffcap

Sharp (Full) Perry Pear, High Acid, Medium Tannin, Large Spreading Tree, Large Vigorous Grower. Harvest Late Season.



Barnet (Brown Thorn, Hedgehog)

Sweet Perry Pear, Low Acid, Low Tannin, Small, Turbinate to Elliptical, 43-57 mm. Long, 38-51 mm. Dia., Skin Green to Yellow-Green Flushed with Orange-Red and Covered With Russet, Medium Spreading, Dense/Compact Growth, Precocious. Harvest Early Mid Season.

England, south of Gloucester, 1800s


Good for Aromatics & Blending


Bella Di Guino (Mirandino Red, Beautiful June)

Sweet Pear, Dessert, Super Sweet with Fine Flesh and Flavor, Small as Seckel But is Pear-Shaped, Yellow With Thin Skin. First to Ripen, Early-Earlyseason.

Italy, 1700


Conference (Pear Conference)

Sweet Pear, Excellent Flavor, Long Tapered Shape, Green Skin With Some Russeting, Most Widely Grown In Europe, Great In Wet and Cool Maritime Climate. Harvest Early Late Season.

England, Sawbridgeworth, 1884-95


Hendre Huffcap (Hendrik's Huffcap)

Sweet Perry Pear, Low Acid, Low Tannin, Medium Spreading, Vigorous Growth. Harvest Mid Season.



Red Pear

Sweet Perry Pear, (V), Small Medium Spreading Tree. Harvest Late Mid Season. Precocious.

England, 1600s


Romanian Perry

Sweet Perry Pear and Prandy Pear, Small Yellow. Harvest Late Season.



Seckel (Sugar Pear)

Sweet Pear, Dessert, Excellent Flavor, Super Sweet, Fine Grained Small Ruddy Maroon/Brown. Harvest Late Season.

USA, Philadelphia, PA, 1800s

ASIAN PEARS (Apple Pears)

Butterscotch & Perfumed Flavors


20th Century (Nijisseki)

Sweet and Mild Dessert Pear, Juicy Flavor, Crisp Textured, Small-Medium Sized Round to Oblong, Smooth Yellow-Gold Skin. Harvest Early Late Season.

Japan, 1898



Sweet Dessert Pear, Juicy, Tan Skin, OK with Cool Summers Still Top Quality. Harvest Early Late Season.




Sweet Dessert Pear, Medium Size, Yellow Skin, Good Flavor. Harvest Mid Season.



Hosui (Sweet Water)

Sweet Mild Dessert Pear, Aromatic, Medium-Large Round, Golden-Brown Russet Skin with Whit Dots. Harvest Mid Season.

Japan, 1972


Ichiban Nashi (First Pear)

Sweet Dessert Pear, Crisp, Juicy, Medium-Sized, Light-Golden-Brown Russet Tender Skin. Harvest Mid Season.




Mildly Sweet Dessert Pear, But with Excellent Flavor, Giant Grapefruit-Sized or Larger Oval-Round, Golden-Brown Skin. Harvest Late Season.



Olympic (Korean Giant, Den Bae, Arrirang)

Med-Large, Med-Brown, Good Flavor. Harvest Late Season.



Shinsieki (New Century)

Sweet-Juicy Dessert Pear, Crisp Texture, Medium-Sized Round, with Yellow to Green-Yellow Thin-Smooth Skin. Harvest Mid Season.

Japan, 1945



Sweet Dessert Pear, Heavy Butterscotch Flavor and Aromatics, Medium/Large-Sized Round, Med-Brown Russet Skin, Crisp, Juicy. Harvest Mid Season.